After whinging gratuitously about how cruddy non-browser JavaScript is, Mark Fowler kindly pointed me in the right direction to get Perl integration working:

So now I’ve wrapped up JSLint into a small command line tool (and Perl lib), JavaScript::Lint.

It’s fairly simple at the moment. I plan to add support for the options in jslint soon.

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  1. Matthias Miller wrote:

    When I named my own JavaScript Lint (SourceForge), I should have known I was asking for trouble. So far, Douglas Crockford and I have managed to keep from stepping on each other’s toes by exclusively calling his lint JSLint and calling mine JavaScript Lint or jsl.

    It would probably be nice branding to have the Perl packaged called JavaScript::JSLint to advertise the lint’s engine. It would also prevent some of the existing confusion from becoming worse. 🙂

    Good work, though. That’s pretty slick.

    -Matthias Miller

    Posted 05 Jun 2006 at 16:19
  2. Dominic Mitchell wrote:

    Ahhh! I’d completely forgotten about your JavaScript Lint. My apologies. Given that it’s only been a day or two since release, I’ll rename the module as you suggest. Thanks for the heads up!

    Posted 05 Jun 2006 at 18:36