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Google Analytics in XHTML

I’e been attempting to get Google Analytics to work correctly in both FireFox and IE6 for a site at $WORK. This is not normally a problem, apart from the fact that we’re serving up pages to firefox as application/xhtml+xml in order to get MathML support.

Now, the sample code from Google is pretty gnarly.

This fails in XHTML as document.write() isn’t there.

I tried a number of ways to get this to work.

I was just about to start implementing something evil involving setInterval(), when I realised…

… this site will never use SSL!

So I replaced the code to generate a script tag with the script tag.

Tada! If only I’d thought of this a few hours earlier… The moral is to be more aware of the context in which you’re doing something. Keep an eye on the “big picture” to use a particularly horrible metaphor.