jslint4java 1.3 post-release notes

These are the things I had to do after releasing.

Firstly, I needed to create a source archive as well as the main distribution archive. Git archive makes this super-easy.

$ git archive --format=zip --prefix='jslint4java-1.3/' rel-1.3 >jslint4java-1.3-src.zip

Secondly, I had to import the latest javadoc into svn at google code (it’s handy for linking to). I extracted this from the -dist.zip that got created as part of the release.

$ cd jslint4java-1.3/docs/apidocs
$ svn import --auto-props https://jslint4java.googlecode.com/svn/apidoc/1.3

Unfortunately, I had to then fix up all the damned properties anyway. I guess my svn config must need some attention.

Naturally, I forgot to update the version in NEWS.txt. Doh.