jslint4java 1.3.1

I’ve just released jslint4java 1.3.1. This is mostly thanks to Ari Shamash, who did an excellent job of telling me what needed to be done to get NetBeans to understand the output. The changes are small, but probably worth upgrading for if you’re using it.

  • Improved support for NetBeans thanks to Ari Shamash!
  • Correct line numbers (previously off by one).
  • The ant task now states the full path to the file being checked.
  • The build failure now includes the total number of errors found.
  • Updated to JSLint 2009-07-25.

2 Comments to jslint4java 1.3.1

  1. Neil says:

    This is excellent and will save me hours of debugging. We have always used netbeans and have up until now run javascript through js lint manually as part of our review process.

    Prevention is definately better than cure, well done.

  2. Ari Shamash says:

    Thanks, Dominic, for putting this latest jslint4java release together. I updated my blog entry describing how to integrate this release with NetBeans (http://netbeans.org) at http://blogs.sun.com/ashamash/entry/integrating_jslint_more_tightly_into