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jslint4java 2.0.1

Only about a month later than I had hoped, I’ve published jslint4java-2.0.1. The main change should be that the maven plugin is a bit better behaved. Plus of course, it’s using the latest version of JSLint.

jslint4java 2.0.0

I’ve finally released jslint4java 2.0.0. It’s now available at The main new feature is that it now sports a maven plugin in addition to the ant task. There is also a breaking change, that’s been inherited from JSLint. The meaning of several options has been inverted. Now, the default is to behave strictly, with […]

Python configuration

At $WORK, there is a program that uses Python as its configuration. Leaving aside the moment of whether or not this is a good idea, I wanted to look at how it does this. All the program really needs is a dictionary of configuration items. But you can take advantage of it being Python to […]

django & appengine

Last night I went to j4amie‘s brightonpy talk Python and Django for PHP Refugees (slides). It was a really good talk, though I knew most of the Python stuff. The django intro was great however. What I was really interested in was using Django together with appengine. I’ve used appengine before with the builtin webapp […]

OSGI Intro

On Tuesday, I attended the OSGI: Let’s Get Started session with Simon Maple and Zoë Slattery, courtesy of SkillsMatter and LJC. I figured it’s time to figure out what I am supposed to be doing with it. 🙂 For the last release I enabled OSGI headers for jslint4java. I was hoping that this session would […]


I’ve released a minor update, 1.4.7. It’s available from the usual place. What’s new? Added OSGI bundle headers. I’m an OSGI novice; please let me know if these are wrong. issue 52: Add checkstyle xml formatter. issue 53: No files passed to the ant task is no longer an error (just an info message). Update […]

pruning your tree

This is from a mailing list post I’ve just replied to. Since I had to look it up, it’s worth blogging. 🙂 It seems like a simple task. Find all the files in the current directory, excluding .svn directories. I’ve mocked up a simple layout. % find . . ./.svn ./.svn/README.txt ./README.txt ./src ./src/.svn ./src/.svn/foo.c […]

jslint4java status

I’ve done a few releases of jslint4java whilst this blog has been down. We’re presently at 1.4.6. It’s mostly been bug fixes and JSLint upgrades. What’s really interesting has been paying attention to the integrations that people have come up with. It’s never been easier to have lint-free JavaScript! Sonar If you use the sonar […]

Tap Tap Tap

Hmmm, this has been off for a while, hasn’t it. My server (previously hosted in spare bedroom) died. “Fine!” says I. “To the free blog hosting!” If only it were that simple. After looking at wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr and Posterous, I realised none of them would allow me to retain my existing URLs. All because […]

jslint4java 1.4

I’ve just released a new version of jslint4java, 1.4. Most useful is probably support for JUnit output, which should make jslint easy to integrate with a continuous build system like hudson or pulse. Here’s the full set of changes:  issue 35 : Removed embedded JUnit.  issue 30 : Add a "report" formatter to the ant task. Also […]