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A real maven plugin for jslint4java would be nice. I will write one, but until then, you can always get away with using the antrun plugin. This is fairly simple to do now that jslint4java is available in the central maven repository. Here’s a plugin definition of how to do it. <project> <build> <plugins> <plugin> […]

AntUnit inside Maven

I’m in the middle of converting jslint4java to use maven as its build system (yes, really). Part of this is ensuring that the antunit tests I wrote continue to work. Maven has the antrun plugin, but it’s not 100% obvious how to use an antlib inside it. Normally, to run an antlib extension as part […]

jslint4java 1.2

I’ve finally gotten around to finishing off the code that I’ve had sitting around in google code for over a year, and released jslint4java 1.2. The changes are actually pretty small: Update to jslint 2008-09-04. This adds several new options. Several updates to the ant task: Move the antlib definition to “antlib:net.happygiraffe.jslint” (incompatible change). Default […]


I was trying to fix the build of a project last night. It used to unpack several dependent jar files before repackaging them along with the project code. How ugly. Then I remembered about one-jar, which lets you package things in a slightly more sensible manner, retaining the individual files. The documentation isn’t as good […]

Ant & JUnit

I’ve just been tripped up by ant & JUnit. I’m appalled. All the proposed solutions are both hackish and ugly. I don’t actually care about the intricacies of ClassLoaders. I just want a simple way to tell ant “junit is over here” so that my build and tests will work on whatever system I check […]