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Log::Dispatch::Atom 0.02

The other day, I released Atom file, so I could get my web app to record errors that I can pick up through my feed reader. But I haven’t gotten around to implementing that yet.

About half way through writing it, I remembered the CPAN, for all your feedy needs. Almost. At the moment, it’s still a bit too easy to create Atom feeds that the feed validator doesn’t like. I need to have a bit of a think about the best way to get things like “id” in there for each log message. But it should still be usable for now.

subatom 0.05

I’ve just released a new version of subatom, that now gets linking correct if you have viewcvs or similiar installed. Unfortunately, I’ve now realised that the amount of command line arguments are such that I’m going to have to start adding a configuration file to it. My crontab lines are looking a bit unwieldy.

Nonetheless, if you want to generate atom feeds of your subversion repository, give it a try. It seems to work quite well.


Atom Enabled I released subatom last night. It’s a small tool to generate an Atom feed from subversion commit messages. It’s pretty simple right now, but now that the basics are there, I can improve on it.

Why not RSS? Well, basically I spotted XML::Atom first and it was dead easy to use. And Atom just happens to be new and shiny right now.