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Cycle Helmets

Yes, they look daft. But when you fall on your head (like me this afternoon), it means you get up and walk away. Particularly if the speedo was clocking 40mph at the time. Please wear a helmet cycling.

Chanctonbury Ring

Yesterday I cycled out to Devils Dyke, and along the South Downs Way towards Chanctonbury Ring. The south downs way is remarkably hilly. I was quite pooped by the time I got there. So I went back down through Steyning and on to Henfield over part of the downs link path. From there, it was […]

Broken Bikes

I’ve been going through yet another round of enforced bike maintenance. On Friday morning, my Brompton had a flat when I was leaving for work. Luckily, I had a spare inner tube, and could switch them quickly. Over the weekend, I managed to snap my front derailleur on the mountain bike. Thankfully, it just locked […]

This mornings cycling

I went out a bit late this morning—9am. If I’d gotten out earlier, I could have cycled for longer without it eating into the remainder of the day’s activities. So I took a short ride, similiar to last weeks (which I failed to mentioned, but which was utterly freezing thanks to the fog). First I […]

Cycling Today

For today’s ride, I went down Mill road, under the bridge to Waterhall playing fields and turned right to go along the cycle lane by the A23. I followed along until I came to the bridge to cross over into Pyecombe. From there, I went down the hill to the road to Clayton. After a […]

Wet & Windy Cycling

Today’s cycling was very wet and very windy. I set off around 3pm (after finally fixing the puncture from last week) and headed for Devils Dyke, along the cycling path. It was pretty clear which way the wind was blowing by the fact that I had to lean my bike to the left in order […]

Today's Cycling

Today’s ride: Down mill hill, into waterhall playing fields. Turn right and go up sweet hill, following the path all the way to newtimber hill. This was exceedingly slippery with all the rain and mud, I had a hard time keeping my back wheel from spinning out under me. At newtimber turn left and descend […]


I am greatly amused by the fuel protests (or lack thereof) that are supposed to be taking place today. Every morning as I cycle in to work, I look at all the fools in their tin-boxes-on-wheels and wonder why they are so addicted to their ugly, smelly devices. I certainly acknowledge the utility of owning […]

Bad Bike Luck

My poor bikes. Firstly, riding into work one day a few weeks ago, I managed to snap the pedal off of my brompton. I have no idea how. Unfortunately, it was the folding pedal, at £32 a pop. And the part had to be ordered. So I started using my mountain bike instead. This worked […]


Last night on my way home, I managed to cycle into a pedestrian who walked out in front of me. Thankfully, neither of us were hurt that much; just a little dazed. Unfortunately, this morning I found that my hip is bruised on the bone from falling off the bike. That means this evening’s walk […]