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Typo 4.0ish

I’ve upgraded this blog to typo 4.0.1(ish). The process was slightly less harrowing than previously as I decided to switch to using svk to manage mirroring the typo trunk. Previously, I had been using subversion vendor branches, but a couple of odd fluctuations in the typo source made that choke (files that turned into directories […]

Blog Buttons

I’ve seen links to “add this to del.icio.us” for some time now. I never use them. It’s a complete waste of time, my links toolbar is perfectly adequate. A couple of months ago, I saw that people started adding more buttons to their blog posts. “Add to del.icio.us.” “Digg This!” “Reddit?” Again, all a complete […]

Typo Upgrade

I’ve finally bit the bullet and upgraded Typo to the trunk, so I can get everything up to Rails 1.1. Unfortunately, this was quite a painful process… Normally, I track bits of software I might want to hack on in a vendor branch in subversion, and use svn_load_dirs.pl to update to new releases. This works […]

Typo Times Fix

After a bit of searching, I’ve found the problems with the odd times on this weblog. It’s a problem with ActiveRecord (part of Rails) and in particular, PostgreSQLAdaptor. Basically, it computes a default value once, inside Ruby, and then caches it. Which is a bit odd, to say the least. There are a number of […]

Locomotive / Typo bug

I’ve been trying to get typo working on my mac, using the very shiny Locomotive. Sadly, I kept getting display errors in my sidebar. After spending 3 hours looking at it last night, I’m now pretty sure that it’s a bug in YAML::load, which is called from inside ActiveRecord::Base#object_from_yaml. It works fine on my FreeBSD […]


I’ve just switched the theme on this blog to Origami, winner of the typo theme contest. Whilst I think it looks good, it feels a bit slow. And I really dislike the Flash technique for replacing the texts of the headlines. It means you can’t select the text properly any more. So the theme may […]

Typo TimeZones

One minor annoyance that I’ve noticed since I started using typo is that the times are out by about 8 hours. For instance, this post probably says “created 8 hours ago”, even though I created it only a few minutes ago. Looking at the previous post in the database, which has never been edited: created_at […]

Moved to Typo

After much delay, I’ve finally moved this blog to typo. It’s a good example of running rails in “production” mode. Now I just need to find a good blog editor client. It’d be nice if it supported Textile, which I’ve recently been converted to. Oh, and it’d be really cute if I could figure out […]


I spent a little while yesterday attempting to work out how to get FastCGI installed. Unfortunately, because I’m using Apache 2.2, this wasn’t straightforward. In fact, I’d pretty much given up. Later on, I found this patch on the fastcgi-devel list, which purports to work (and looks like it will, given my experiences yesterday). All […]

Blogging Software

It started innocently enough, but as usual turned into yak shaving rather quickly. I wanted to try out some graphical editors for posting to my blog. Sounds simple enough. Except that a while back, I chose wordpress-pg. Its a version of wordpress, but it talks to PostgreSQL instead. Except that for some reason, my copy […]