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Comment Spam

Finally the spammers have found me. I’ve got about 30 comment spams in my moderation queue this morning. Good job I enabled the moderation in the first place… Anyway, to help with sorting it all out, I wrote a delete comment spam bookmarklet. If you run it on the wordpress comment moderation page, then you […]

Blog Outage, Blame PHP

My blog hasn’t been up and running for the last 24 hours or so. This is because I foolishly decided to upgrade to PHP5. After playing “guess which extensions wordpress-pg needs,” I then got served up a lovely blank page. But what’s really annoying is that there was no indication at all of anything going […]

wordpress & backslashes

One of my pet peeves about wordpress is that because it’s based on PHP and MySQL it doesn’t like backslash characters at all. It just eats them up and screws up your post. But I’ve found a simple answer. Use numeric entities instead. Just type in \ or \ to get a nice \backslash.

PostgreSQL Upgrade

I’ve just upgraded to PostgreSQL 8.0, which as expected, didn’t go entirely smoothly. The config file format has changed a bit, although ediff soon took care of that. The dump-and-restore rigmarole is still there, but then that’s what nightly backups are for. The main trouble was that I had been playing with SSL certificates some […]


I need to migrate the old web site over to wordpress. There’s a lot to change though and I need to make sure that it goes (relatively) smoothly. I don’t want to end up with too many 404s. Stuff that needs thinking about: favicon. I probably should import into the blog bits, maybe under wp-content? […]

Old Content

I have lots of content from my old site which needs to be brought in to the new blog. I’ll start adding it as new posts and add redirects on the old locations so that they still work. Thankfully, this should be fairly easy as it’s all XHTML content to begin with. The only difficulty […]

Hello World

It’s time to start using this site for something useful. I’ve used wordpress at work for a while, and it seems like it could be useful here too. It’s a lot easier than the previous setup of cvs+xslt+make. I’ve decided on wordpress-pg since I don’t have MySQL installed and didn’t understand it when I tried. […]