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Brighton Ruby Users Group

Last night was the inaugural meeting of the Brighton Ruby User Group at the Eagle. I gave a (slightly) slimmer version of my Unicode for Rails talk1. I really should learn about code on slides though. Just because something looks good on screen, the lovely soft focus effect that projectors provide quickly turns it to […]

Coding Dojo V

Last night I attended the 5th Brighton Coding Dojo. The task: to implement binary search in 5 different ways (source). Only four people turned up (myself included), but we still managed to make a good go of things. Richard Dallaway had prepared an interface, a unit test and a sample implementation (using Arrays.binarySearch)). This was […]

Coding Dojo IV

I went to the 4th Coding Dojo last night. It was a small affair with only five people (plus Joh organising). Seeing as there were so few people, it was decided to revisit the previous dojo’s code and try to get it working. The task: to implement a small adventure game containing a few items […]

Brighton Ruby Users Group

James McCarthy is taking a stand! He’s started up Brighton Ruby. The first meet is 7pm, Jan 9th at the Eagle. Ideas are being solicited for talks. Do drop a comment onto the blog if you’re going to attend or even better are willing to talk! I’m really glad to see this happening. There seem […]

jQuery in Brighton

I went to see Jay Caines-Gooby talk about jQuery last night. It was part of the Sussex Geek Dinner thing. jQuery looks really, really cool. I like prototype, but jQuery looks like it tries to do less. I was particularly impressed at Jay mentioning that the developers were taking features out. There are plugins for […]

Circus of Horrors

We’ve just been to see Circus of Horrors at the Brighton Centre. Sadly, the scariest thing was the venue itself. Don’t take that the wrong way. The venue really was diabolically awful. We had seats (cheap seats, admittedly) on the right hand side of the stage. But even with cheap seats, you expect to be […]

Busy Week

Last Wednesday, I found out that the Brighton Comedy Festival. Unfortunately, it had already started. It’s a shame it seems to have been under promoted this year—there are some really good acts on (plus I missed going to see Marcus Brigstocke). I immediately booked two tickets for Sue Perkins the same evening. Sue put on […]

Sussex Geek Dinner

I went to the Sussex Geek Dinner last night. Tristan Roddis was talking about Plone. I was initially very skeptical, as I had a bad Zope experience several years ago. I’m extremely glad to see that development has come on a long way. Whilst there’s still a very steep learning curve, you can now actually […]

d.Construct: post event party

I did manage to wander down to the terraces eventually. It was a huge crowd. It felt like 75% of the conference had made it down there. Sadly, I stopped to check my mail before going, so missed the tab behind the bar. Oops. 🙁 Doubly so when finding out that they charge £3.10 for […]

d.Construct: Understanding Folksonomy

Thomas van der Wal invented the term folksonomy. It’s all about tagging. He’s raised an interesting point about tagging: identity. It’s very important to know who created the tags so you can decide who’s tag you want to trust. He uses the example of tagging an article on the middle east conflict as either “armageddon” […]