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I’m working on an OSX interface to a web service right now. Of course, one of the requirements is for a username and password. Simple — just use keychain, right? Well, it might be simple, apart from the fact that Keychain Services has a hoary old API. It’s C-based, and is like taking a step […]

Embedding Cocoa Frameworks

I’m (re)learning Cocoa at the moment. I’m working my way through the wonderful Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X. But for my first solo project, I found myself needing to XML-RPC. I took one look at Web Services Core Programming Guide and barfed. After a quick hunt, I found Eric Czarny’s lovely XMLRPC project for […]

Expanding Outline Views in Cocoa

Thanks to a lengthy commute last week, I’ve been making a toy in Cocoa. It reads an URL, parses some XML and displays it in an NSOutlineView. Simple stuff, but it will hopefully make my life better at work, where I need to do this a fair bit. By default, when I load the XML […]

Unit Testing falsehoods

My latest fad is looking at developing Mac apps (in Cocoa). Since the Leopard upgrade, Objective-C 2.0 has Garbage Collection. Congratulations Apple, you’ve lifted it out of the dark ages. So, I’ve been trying to read up bits in ADC, but my time is limited. This means I turn to podcasts like Late Night Cocoa […]