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I’ve fairly recently gotten turned on to my local library. They have graphic novels. Lots of graphic novels. Yum. This is good, because it helps limit my expenditure on such things. So I’ve been going through them at a rate of knots. When I’m reading, I tend to use business cards as bookmarks. $WORK purchased […]

Happy 30th

The galaxy’s greatest comic has just turned 30. Well done Tharg, old chap! Keep up the good work—I’m still enjoying it.

En Français, s'il-vous plait

I’m in France, visiting my relations. Once upon a time I could speak French fluently. I lived there for a year. Now, my French has detoriated to the point where I can hardly string a sentence together. This is most distressing, but entirely understandable due to lack of practise. Then, wandering through FNAC on Friday, […]


Three years ago, I picked up a copy of Judge Dredd Megazine on a whim to read on a train journey. I hadn’t really read 2000AD since I was a kid. One of the things that utterly captivated me was Scarlet Traces, a story about what happened after the martian invasion in War of the […]


Watchmen is the wikipedia featured article today! If you haven’t already read it, do yourself a favour and go and buy a copy.

V for Vendetta

I’m really glad that Jeremy enjoyed V for Vendetta. Like him, I went in to see it fully expecting to see a much loved comic book butchered into something unrecognizeable. It wasn’t. It was changed, but for reasons that worked better in the medium of film (mostly). It did amuse me greatly to see John […]

Comics Expo

Yesterday, I went to Comic Expo 2005. I couldn’t really miss it seeing as it was in town. I wish I’d gone on Saturday as they were screening some great films (including Grass Roots) and had Dave Gibbons doing a session. And Harry Harrison too. Never mind. I did get to see Mark Millar instead, […]