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XML::Genx 0.22

I’ve released XML::Genx 0.22. There are no functional changes, just a couple of minor bugfixes in order to ensure that it works on Windows correctly. For some time now, I’d been trying to get XS modules compiling on Windows correctly under ActiveState Perl, all to no avail. But now, thanks to the wonder of Strawberry […]

subatom 0.11

Yet another new version, subatom 0.11 again prompted by Hans F. Nordhaug. The only change this time is to add a feed_title option to the config file, so you can specify the title for the feed as a whole. Now, I’m going to sit down and attempt to rework all this as a module+script, along […]

subatom 0.10

I’ve made another release of subatom. This contains a number of fixes for bugs that I managed to put into the 0.09 release (as well as a couple of minor features). This has really left me with a very nagging need for some tests for this module. Restore the ability to send output to stdout. […]

subatom 0.09

I’ve released a new version of my tool subatom. If you haven’t seen it, it produces atom feeds for subversion commit messages. It’s pretty handy for monitoring activity in a subversion repository and it doesn’t need access to the server. There are only two new features in this release: Add in a option to specify […]

CPAN tips

One thing I forgot to mention. I picked up a couple of really useful CPAN tips: In the latest versions of CPAN.pm you can specify that sudo be used “make install” so you don’t have to run “sudo cpan” up front, which is dead handy. Of course, installing into your home directory is better. CPAN::Mini […]

XML::Genx 0.21

I’ve released a new version, which fixes a blindingly obvious error: you couldn’t pass in characters between \x80 and \xff unless they had the UTF-8 flag turned on. I don’t know how I missed that. 🙁 XML::Genx 0.21

XML::Genx Plans

I was talking to Mark Fowler yesterday and XML::Genx came up. He had a couple of good points: It’s not absolutely clear in the documentation that any valid Perl string will work correctly (be it UTF-8 encoded or not). I need to double check the tests for this and amend the docs. The API is […]

New Releases

I’ve just done a couple of new releases of my modules: JavaScript::JSLint 0.04, which is just renaming from Lint to JSLint to more accurately reflect where it’s come from (pointed out by Matthias Miller). subatom 0.07 which switches from the baroque XML::Atom api to the much nicer XML::Atom::SimpleFeed (thanks, Aristotle). subatom 0.08 because I am […]

JavaScript::Lint 0.02

I’ve just put together a new version of JavaScript::Lint. The main new thing is that you can now specify options to control how the lint works. You probably want to enable the undef option, for instance. I also fixed a problem where I was covering up errors when the lint couldn’t do anything more (e.g. […]


After whinging gratuitously about how cruddy non-browser JavaScript is, Mark Fowler kindly pointed me in the right direction to get Perl integration working: JavaScript.pm. So now I’ve wrapped up JSLint into a small command line tool (and Perl lib), JavaScript::Lint. It’s fairly simple at the moment. I plan to add support for the options in […]