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Java Leads To Great Libraries

Tim Bray wrote Having Done Java about how writing Java leads to better quality libraries. Needless to say, I disagree. I originally sent this by mail to Tim Bray, but I don’t think that there’s any reason to not publish it here as well. I’m afraid that I’m going to have to disagree with you […]

XML::Genx 0.20

I pushed out a new release of XML::Genx last night. Nothing worth upgrading for, it just fixes a few compiler warnings under gcc 4.0. Thankfully, after some sage advice from Daniel Jalkut, I managed to get rid of the warnings I was complaining about. Unfortunately, there’s still one warning coming out. But it’s in code […]

XML::Filter::Normalize 0.1

A couple of days ago, I released

new XML::Genx

XML::Genx 0.19 is now out. Changes include: Allow namespace objects to be passed in to StartElementLiteral() and AddAttributeLiteral(). This makes it much easier to put things into the default namespace. Add a missing “static” declaration to some XS helper functions. Allow multiple different default namespaces inside XML::Genx::SAXWriter. Previously you would get a “Duplicate Prefix” error. […]


Aristotle Pagaltzis has mentioned XML::Genx. Yay, it needs all the publicity that it can get. He highlighted some issues in XML::Genx::SAXWriter, which I need to address, although getting some consensus from the list first would be good. He also mentions a problem with default namespaces a little further on. I’ll have to look into that […]

subatom 0.05

I’ve just released a new version of subatom, that now gets linking correct if you have viewcvs or similiar installed. Unfortunately, I’ve now realised that the amount of command line arguments are such that I’m going to have to start adding a configuration file to it. My crontab lines are looking a bit unwieldy. Nonetheless, […]

New Releases

I released new versions of XML-Genx and Config-Setting last night. No particular reason to do so, apart from seeing that my kwalitee ratings could be improved by testing for valid pod… In fairness, I do need to play with Devel::Cover a bit to see if my tests could be improved. And I need to carry […]


I released subatom last night. It’s a small tool to generate an Atom feed from subversion commit messages. It’s pretty simple right now, but now that the basics are there, I can improve on it. Why not RSS? Well, basically I spotted XML::Atom first and it was dead easy to use. And Atom just happens […]

XML::Genx Exceptions

I came across an interesting situation today. The exception thrown by XML::Genx showed up in completely the wrong place. I suspect that this is due to the fact that I’ve made it a dual valued scalar and Perl doesn’t want to overwrite by appending “at Foo.pm line 23” to the end of it. More investigation […]


After picking up XML::Genx again, I reorganised my SVN repository and noticed all the other old projects in there. So I’ve started playing around with Config::Setting again. It was originally written to attempt to provide a “better solution” than a hard coded global hash for work. But it turned out that people liked having a […]