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FreeBSD Crash Dump Analysis

Unfortunately, I had a crash earlier on my FreeBSD server. It’s probably due to bad hardware. But I decided to take a look at the dumpfile anyway. The best resource is the FreeBSD handbook section on Debugging a Kernel Crash Dump with kgdb. That’s invaluable. Sadly, it didn’t tell me much: Fatal trap 12: page […]

Recursive Rails

I’ve been ploughing through the examples in the Rails book. Until I got to the testing section. In particular, the test_checkout method. I started seeing core dumps. Inspecting the core dump with gdb showed that there was obviously something going wrong recursively. I had a look in the test.log file and it showed that was […]

subversion crash, redux

After much fiddling, upgrading, dumping, restoring, I’ve realised that I don’t have a clue what the problem in subversion is. What’s really irritating is that when I compile it with debugging, the problem goes away. So, I’ve accepted that as a solution for a moment, disconcerting as it may be. At least I’ll be able […]

subversion crash

Normally I run subversion under apache as I like being able to get at my stuff from anywhere. But recently, some upgrade has broken. I’ve now started seeing broken checkouts. This is most disconcerting. For now, I’ve switched to accessing it over the filesystem which seems to work ok. But an update on that mailing […]