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d.Construct: post event party

I did manage to wander down to the terraces eventually. It was a huge crowd. It felt like 75% of the conference had made it down there. Sadly, I stopped to check my mail before going, so missed the tab behind the bar. Oops. 🙁 Doubly so when finding out that they charge £3.10 for […]

d.Construct: Understanding Folksonomy

Thomas van der Wal invented the term folksonomy. It’s all about tagging. He’s raised an interesting point about tagging: identity. It’s very important to know who created the tags so you can decide who’s tag you want to trust. He uses the example of tagging an article on the middle east conflict as either “armageddon” […]

d.Construct: Accessibility in a web 2.0 world

Derek Featherstone on how to do accessiblity now we’re seeing more Applications and JavaScript. Even something as simple as a login form can have many, many accessibility problems. Little things like using an image instead of a button to submit a form. Lack of label tags. Another one is search boxes. Search boxes often have […]

d.Construct: Mash my Flex up!

Aral Balkan is talking about how to do flashing. And flexing.. A brief rant about the openness of data in the UK (more details at freeourdata.org.uk). Flex examples: Home Locator FlexSQLAdmin Onyx Video Mixer He goes on to explain all the bits of the Flex platform. I like the fact it’s based on Eclipse. There […]

d.Construct: The Joy of API

Jeremy Keith is talking about how much fun APIs can be. He’s bigging up REST, which is fine by me. 🙂 He integrated flickr, delicious, upcoming all into adactio elsewhere. It’s all about a web of data. Microformats are the way forward! Jeremy is a hugely entertaining speaker; I’ve been too busy listening to capture […]

d.Construct: Web Services for fun & Profit

Simon Willison and Paul Hammond talking about how web services are helping to make Yahoo work. As an example, they’re talking about how to build a login form. They’re covering how you can’t just talk directly to a database. You need to use an API to get scalability and reliability. They go on to talk […]

Jeff Barr @ d.Construct

Jeff Barr is Amazon’s Web Services evangelist. He’s talking about all the web services that Amazon offer. Feels like a product pitch, even though the technology is interesting. Some of the demos that use the E-Commerce API are pretty cool. I love the flash demo that shows band relationships. The mechanical turk is also a […]

d.Construct is here!

And it’s huge! Compared to last years event, anyway. It’s down in the Corn Exchange, which thankfully hasn’t been fitted out to the max with chairs (unlike the last time I was here). There’s a really nice space at the back with tea, coffee and power bars! That’s something that I didn’t realize how essential […]


It’s the penultimate day before d.Construct 2006! If ever you needed an excuse to come and visit Brighton, this is it. The gig is sold out, but come on down anyway; there’s still plenty going on! If you want to know who’s going to be around, check out the backnetwork—a cool app for the attendees […]