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I was trying to fix the build of a project last night. It used to unpack several dependent jar files before repackaging them along with the project code. How ugly. Then I remembered about one-jar, which lets you package things in a slightly more sensible manner, retaining the individual files. The documentation isn’t as good […]

The Deployment Elephant

Tim O’Reilly covers much of what’s been crossing my mind recently in Operations: The New Secret Sauce. The really successful people are those who (like Google) have solved, and are continuing to solve the really hard problem of deployment. There is a huge gulf between programmers and sysadmins that needs to be crossed so you […]


I’ve spent some time this evening playing with SwitchTower. It’s a tool for deploying Rails applications. It’s just perfect for sending what’s on my test environment (Mac) up to my server (FreeBSD). Not only that, it’s relatively simple to get going, compared to many other deployment tools I’ve used (and written) in the past. But […]