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Solr's Lucene Source

I’m debugging a plugin for Solr. I’ve just about got the magic voodoo set up so that I can make Eclipse talk to tomcat and stick breakpoints in and so on. But I’ve immediately run into a problem. Even though Solr itself comes with -sources jars, the bundled copy of lucene that they’ve used doesn’t. […]

Using a Java 6 based Eclipse with Cocoa

This is somewhat niche, but I’m going to post it anyway in case it helps somebody elseā€¦ I recently saw a problem with Eclipse and m2eclipse. When I tried to import a Java 6 based project, I got an error in the maven console. Failure executing javac, but could not parse the error: javac: invalid […]


Yesterday, whilst trying out Eclipse 3.5, I noticed a problem with the new XSLT support. So, I filed bug 279793 (All XSLT 2.0 has validation errors in xslt-2.0.xsd). I got a response in under 30 minutes, including a workaround and an integration into the next release. That is completely awesome! I’d like to say a […]

Eclipse 3.5 in Cocoa

I’m just trying out Eclipse 3.5-RC4. One of the big new features for me is that it’s now based on Cocoa instead of Carbon. There are many benefits to this, including being able to run on 64-bit Java 6. Fundamentally, it just looks and feels a little bit more mac-like. As an example, one nice […]

More Java Memory Analysis

If you found Heap Dump Analysis interesting, you might also be interested in Identifying ThreadLocal Memory Leaks in JavaEE Web Apps from Igo Molnar. I saw this a day or so after my original post. He uses The eclipse memory analysis tool (MAT) to figure out what’s going on. In his case, he couldn’t use […]

Eclipse Update Failure

I’ve just hit the “update everything” button in my Eclipse install. All seemed well until I restarted it and got a message about a shared library not being found. Looking in Console.app showed this lovely little line: 09/02/2009 14:33:07 [0x0-0x1ef1ef].org.eclipse.eclipse[43353] dlopen(../../../plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher.carbon.macosx_1.0.100.v20080509-1800, 2): image not found Fairy ’nuff. I had a quick grep in the eclipse […]

NetBeans 6.5

Today NetBeans 6.5 got released. Congratulations, guys! I’m primarily an Eclipse user1, but I keep hearing about NetBeans through the Java Posse and heck, I even subscribe to the NetBeans podcast to try and keep an eye on what’s up. Every time a new release comes out, I give it a whirl. So this time, […]

Exceptional Origins

I’ve just noticed something rather nice in Eclipse. The “Mark Occurrences” feature () will show you where an exception is thrown. For example, here I’ve clicked on the IOEXception in the method definition. You can clearly see that read(), write(), flush() and close() are points at which the IOEXception can be thrown. Similarly, you can […]

Exceptional Eclipse Tip

By default, when eclipse creates a try/catch block for you, you end up with something like this: try { doSomething(); catch (EvilException e) { // TODO auto-generated catch block. e.printStackTrace(); } try { doSomething(); catch (EvilException e) { // TODO auto-generated catch block. e.printStackTrace(); } This is worse than useless, as it (effectively) covers up […]

Tomcat Logging in WTP

I’ve just been trying to enable debug logging for tomcat (don’t ask). Normally you do this by editing $CATALINA_HOME/conf/logging.properties and restarting. Except I tried that in Eclipse (using WTP) and it didn’t work. I tried copying it to the $CATALINA_BASE/conf directory instead1. Still no joy. I’ve just found the answer, after looking in the tomcat […]