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m2eclipse tip

I was wondering why one of my computers seemed to have an older version of m2eclipse installed. It turns out that they moved the update site from m2eclipse.codehaus.org/update/ to m2eclipse.sonatype.org/update/. Doh. It’d be nice if they mentioned that one the front page.


I hate maven. The UI sucks so badly, it’s incredibly painful to use. Anything that can take the edge off this has to be a good thing. In the past, I’ve experimented with m2eclipse, but to be quite frank, it’s not much improvement over the command line. And the tools are why we use Java […]


Eclipse’s spelling checker has a WTF moment: Seriously, what dictionary doesn’t have “thesaurus” in it?

Eclipse Markers

I’m trying to develop a plugin for Eclipse that uses jslint to validate your JavaScript. This involves scanning all the JavaScript code, and using markers to say where the problem lies. I’ve almost got this done. But there was the slight problem that when I clicked on the problem view, it took me to the […]

Emacs vs Eclipse

Steve Yegge has yet another very long, but hugely informative post up: The Pinocchio Problem. It’s all about what makes great software. Or at least, less-bad software. One of the things he touches on is Emacs and Eclipse extensions, when compared to Firefox. The very best plug-in systems are powerful enough to build the entire […]

Remote Eclipse Debugging

This article on Configuring Eclipse for Remote Debugging is very useful. Java debugging is really nice, because of the protocol for debugging a remote JVM. The first time I managed to debug a servlet in Eclipse, I was astonished. Hang in there with the article. Most of it is irrelevant if you’ve used Eclipse at […]


I tried running subclipse a little while ago when I first started looking at Eclipse. I couldn’t make it work. It would just hang on commit. However, this morning, I ran the automatic update in Eclipse and noticed that a new version of subclipse was available (0.9.27). I upgraded, and tried it out. And it […]