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FreeBSD / mod_fastcgi

Eventually, I managed to get mod_fastcgi to compile on FreeBSD. See PR#91190. It basically amounted to applying the patch in the mailing list automatically. But what really surprised me were the changes to the port’s Makefile. I trimmed out about 50 lines of confusion into this: AP_FAST_BUILD= yes AP_GENPLIST= yes SRC_FILE= *.c PORTDOCS= LICENSE.TERMS mod_fastcgi.html […]


I spent a little while yesterday attempting to work out how to get FastCGI installed. Unfortunately, because I’m using Apache 2.2, this wasn’t straightforward. In fact, I’d pretty much given up. Later on, I found this patch on the fastcgi-devel list, which purports to work (and looks like it will, given my experiences yesterday). All […]