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Firebug 0.4 Preview

firebug is one of the best tools I’ve seen for web development in Firefox. There’s a new version due out soon, and Encytemedia have put up a fantastic preview. I’m drooling with anticipation!

Cross Browser JavaScript Still Hard

Recently, I’ve been doing a reasonable amount of playing around with prototype and scriptaculous. They’re both really great libraries that give you loads of features and take a lot of trouble out of your hands. But they certainly don’t absolve you from cross browser compatibility testing. Whilst the libraries themselves are pretty much cross browser […]

A useful setup for developing firefox extensions

Finally, after much trial and error, I have something approaching a usable development environment for a firefox extension. It’s based around roachfiend’s helloworld tutorial. Set up a separate development profile in firefox that you can play around with. The article Setting up extension development environment is a good source for this. I also found this […]

Firefox Extensions

After a bit of research, I’ve concluded that there are many different ways of developing extensions in mozilla / firefox. And they all vary over time. Most of the problems appear to surround the registration of chrome (the actual browser bits as opposed to the content it displays). Originally, you had to register the chrome […]

Firefox Plugin Development

I’ve tried a few times to play with firefox (or it’s parent, mozilla) in order to write a plugins. There’s no shortage of ideas that I could implement… But every time I get stymied at the first step: getting the development environment set up. This time, I was following Getting started with extension development, which […]

Sage RSS Reader

If you use firefox, then sage provides a very useful improvement over the default implementation of RSS (“Live Bookmarks”). Some of the features: Tells you which items you haven’t read yet. Better feed autodiscovery. Proper OPML export. If you’re using Live Bookmarks at all in firefox, it’s worth checking out.

Firefox / Thunderbird Extensions

There are two things that I could really, really use: A firefox extension to summarize all live bookmarks by download time, so you can immediately see which ones have new items. A thunderbird extension to understand Mailing List headers, so you can have a Reply-To-List button. I suppose I’d better start cracking on them…

FireFox Extensions

Firefox is a fine web browser. But one of the best features is the ability to add in extensions. These are a few of the extensions that I have to install. AdBlock. Lets you switch off the annoying flashing adverts. Web Developer. If you’re developing web sites, you need this to understand how your web […]