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Postfix 2.5.1 TLS on FreeBSD

This is one of those things that I have to put up there in case anybody else has the same obscure setup that I do… I run postfix on FreeBSD, using the ports system. This means I have a tendency to just use portupgrade to upgrade to the latest version of anything I happen to […]

cfengine Introduction

For years, I’ve looked at cfengine and thought “I must get around to learning that”. Today, I was reading Building a Self-Healing Network and finally thought that I need to give it a try. One of my problems is that processes on my FreeBSD server often get stopped when I run portupgrade and I don’t […]

Server Move

Well, after a couple of very long and frustrating evenings, I’ve finally managed to replicate the setup of my old, decrepit server onto a shiny new (and hopefully more reliable) dell box. I thought that this would be easy, as I was under the impression that I had everything under version control. But it’s only […]

New Server

So I went ahead and bought a new Dell PowerEdge SC430, as my normal server is falling over on a far too regular basis. Lovely. Except that when I got it home, I made the discovery that Dell no longer fit PS/2 keyboard connectors. There are 7 USB slots, however. And guess which kind of […]

FreeBSD / mod_fastcgi

Eventually, I managed to get mod_fastcgi to compile on FreeBSD. See PR#91190. It basically amounted to applying the patch in the mailing list automatically. But what really surprised me were the changes to the port’s Makefile. I trimmed out about 50 lines of confusion into this: AP_FAST_BUILD= yes AP_GENPLIST= yes SRC_FILE= *.c PORTDOCS= LICENSE.TERMS mod_fastcgi.html […]

Bloody Software

Over Christmas, my server has mostly been turned off. This is because it’s in one of the guest bedrooms and my mother who was staying in there didn’t appreciate the noise. On the day after boxing day, we travelled up to the in-law’s for a few days. And so I switched the server on and […]

FreeBSD Crash Dump Analysis

Unfortunately, I had a crash earlier on my FreeBSD server. It’s probably due to bad hardware. But I decided to take a look at the dumpfile anyway. The best resource is the FreeBSD handbook section on Debugging a Kernel Crash Dump with kgdb. That’s invaluable. Sadly, it didn’t tell me much: Fatal trap 12: page […]

FreeBSD Perl Upgrade

Like quite a few people, I dread upgrading Perl on my FreeBSD box. It’s a lot of hassle because it involves rebuilding a large number of dependent ports to use the new Perl. So I was pleased to see this blog entry stating how easy it was with the right tools. So here we go, […]

Easier Porting

I’ve been updating all my FreeBSD ports recently and one continuing pain is the gerenation fo the plist file. Looking the Porters Handbook gave me the answer though. There’s a script you can use to make a plist. It needs a bit of editing afterwards, but it’s a good start. The only problem is that […]