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Managing 3rd Party Code

I’m in a pickle. There’s a project at $WORK that I should have been paying closer attention to (but haven’t). We’ve taken some 3rd party software (guanxi as it happens), and made some modifications in order to form our own custom distribution. But: We started modifying what was then the trunk. The trunk has moved […]


Recently, I’ve been using git more and more. Where git really shines is sharing code. Previously, I’ve tended to keep all my projects in my subversion repository, but whilst that’s great for me, it’s a pain for anybody else, as my server is frequently down. So, I’ve converted all of my CPAN modules to git […]

git branches with subversion

I like using git, particularly in combination with git svn. It makes it really easy to work with version control offline. But there’s a problem: branches. Now git is really good at using branches. Unfortunately, git svn can’t cope very well with pushing one of git’s merges back into subversion. It gets really confused. Trust […]

Vendor branches in git

Recently, I’ve been playing with git. It’s been pretty good so far. There are two things that have really impressed me: The subversion integration with subversion via git-svn is superb. I’m busy coding in git and I can just push all my changes back into subversion with nobody knowing I’m doing anything different. The visualisation […]