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Go Readability

If you haven’t seen them, do take a look at these slides on Go readability, from one of Google’s Go readability group. Readability is an important process at Google. In theory, it’s about ensuring the style guide for a language is applied. In practice, it’s also about ensuring that idiomatic code is produced. This is […]

Google Analytics in XHTML

I’e been attempting to get Google Analytics to work correctly in both FireFox and IE6 for a site at $WORK. This is not normally a problem, apart from the fact that we’re serving up pages to firefox as application/xhtml+xml in order to get MathML support. Now, the sample code from Google is pretty gnarly. <script […]

dependency complexity

I love the google-collections library. It’s got some really nice features. But, it’s not stable yet. They’ve explicitly stated that until they hit 1.0 it’s not going to be a stable API. So there are changes each release. Nothing major, but changes. As an example, in the jump from 0.9 to 1.0rc1, the static methods […]

Google Collections to the rescue

A few days ago, I was writing a piece of code that turned a line at a time into an Object. And it was using iterators. I had a RecordStream, which wrapped a LineStream (just a thin veneer over LineNumberReader). Then I discovered that there was a terminating record at the end of each file. […]

Google Code Hosting – svn import

I’ve just started a new project on Google Code Hosting (of which more later). I’ve been developing it in a local svn repository, and I’d like to transfer it up to the google svn server. This isn’t easy. Google help has How do I import an existing Subversion repository?, but that’s only half the answer. […]

Google Reader

Like many other people in the blogosphere, I’ve been playing with Google Reader, and I’ve found it to be a pretty good aggregator. But it’s lacking one big, important feature: The “catchup” button. I want to be able to mark all my feeds read with a single keystroke. What would be really nice would be […]