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Which whitespace was that again?

We recently saw this at $WORK. It appears corrupted in Internet Explorer only. Firefox and Safari show it normally. After much exploration in the debugger, we eventually found it was caused by using the innerText property in internet explorer. This has the mildly surprising property of turning multiple spaces into U+00A0 (NO-BREAK SPACE) characters (  […]

To XHTML or not to XHTML?

Today, we had a conversation about HTML 4 vs XHTML 1.0. For me, the matter was neatly settled they very first time I saw an XML system produce XHTML like this: <p>An article with an <em/> empty emphasis tag.</p> <p>An article with an <em/> empty emphasis tag.</p> Perfectly legal XML, perfectly legal XHTML. But — […]

Clichés are hard

So yesterday, Jeremy asked: Wondering if accents are valid in class names (so I can mark up some text as being of the class “cliché”) It’s a damned good question. And you have to consider: character encodings; CSS; HTML; XHTML; JavaScript; HTTP. Needless to say, it’s more complicated than it looks at first. My first […]

The Wrong Defaults

Aristotle points out a post from Anne van Kesteren about draconian error handling. FWIW, I agree with Aristotle. But both of them are really missing the point. The simple fact of the matter is that the defaults in all of our tools are wrong. Yup, you heard right. When you’re working with some server-side framework, […]

Citation Sources

One of the useful things about blockquotes is that you can specify where you’re quoting by adding a cite attribute. But current browsers don’t offer you an interface to use this information. Sounds like a job for greasemonkey! So I wrote cite.user.js to get around it. Unfortunately, I should have looked around first—I might have […]