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OSGI Intro

On Tuesday, I attended the OSGI: Let’s Get Started session with Simon Maple and Zoë Slattery, courtesy of SkillsMatter and LJC. I figured it’s time to figure out what I am supposed to be doing with it. 🙂 For the last release I enabled OSGI headers for jslint4java. I was hoping that this session would […]

Java Platform Encoding

This came up at $WORK recently. We had a java program that was given input through command line arguments. Unfortunately, it went wrong when being passed UTF-8 characters (U+00A9 COPYRIGHT SIGN [©]). Printing out the command line arguments from inside Java showed that we had double encoded Unicode. Initially, we just slapped -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 on the […]

The importance of Central

One of the selling points of maven is it’s dependency mechanism. You say what code you need, and maven makes sure it’s there for you. The magic behind this is called central. It’s a phenomenal collection of software (much akin to Perl’s CPAN). This is useful enough that other projects have sprung up that also […]

Using JavaRebel with Cocoon

Normally, the cocoon-maven-plugin includes a reloading classloader, so that changes to class files are automatically picked up when do mvn jetty:run. Just hit refresh and your changes get picked up. It’s just like working in PHP. 🙂 This is OK, but it’s not foolproof. This morning, I saw a few errors of the form “expected […]

Solr's Lucene Source

I’m debugging a plugin for Solr. I’ve just about got the magic voodoo set up so that I can make Eclipse talk to tomcat and stick breakpoints in and so on. But I’ve immediately run into a problem. Even though Solr itself comes with -sources jars, the bundled copy of lucene that they’ve used doesn’t. […]

The Maven Ecosystem

Last night I went to see Jason van Zyl of sonatype talking about various bits of the maven ecosystem, and where they’re going. The main bit for me was what’s coming up in maven 3.0. There was a great deal of talk about OSGI related issues, but it reinforced my belief that whilst there’s some […]

dependency complexity

I love the google-collections library. It’s got some really nice features. But, it’s not stable yet. They’ve explicitly stated that until they hit 1.0 it’s not going to be a stable API. So there are changes each release. Nothing major, but changes. As an example, in the jump from 0.9 to 1.0rc1, the static methods […]

java -jar blats your classpath

This tripped up a colleague today. When he mentioned it, about three other people (myself included) piped up with oh yeah, that caught me out a while back. java -cp ‘a.jar:b.jar’ -jar foo.jar java -cp ‘a.jar:b.jar’ -jar foo.jar This completely ignores the classpath. It’s not blindingly obvious that this is going on. If you manage […]

More Java Memory Analysis

If you found Heap Dump Analysis interesting, you might also be interested in Identifying ThreadLocal Memory Leaks in JavaEE Web Apps from Igo Molnar. I saw this a day or so after my original post. He uses The eclipse memory analysis tool (MAT) to figure out what’s going on. In his case, he couldn’t use […]

Heap Dump Analysis

As part of the investigation into cocoon memory usage, I had to try and understand what was going on inside the JVM. The best way to do that is a heap dump. The general idea is to dump out the contents of the JVM’s memory into a file, then analyse it using a tool. First, […]