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jslint4java 2.0.2

After another long period of having nothing to say, I’ve pushed out an update to jslint4java. Version 2.0.2 doesn’t include any major new features, but does update JSLint to the latest version (2012-02-03) and fix a couple of small bugs here and there. issue 75: Handle BOMs when using the CLI. issue 74: Document the […]

jslint4java 2.0.1

Only about a month later than I had hoped, I’ve published jslint4java-2.0.1. The main change should be that the maven plugin is a bit better behaved. Plus of course, it’s using the latest version of JSLint.

jslint4java 2.0.0

I’ve finally released jslint4java 2.0.0. It’s now available at code.google.com/p/jslint4java. The main new feature is that it now sports a maven plugin in addition to the ant task. There is also a breaking change, that’s been inherited from JSLint. The meaning of several options has been inverted. Now, the default is to behave strictly, with […]


I’ve released a minor update, 1.4.7. It’s available from the usual place. What’s new? Added OSGI bundle headers. I’m an OSGI novice; please let me know if these are wrong. issue 52: Add checkstyle xml formatter. issue 53: No files passed to the ant task is no longer an error (just an info message). Update […]

jslint4java status

I’ve done a few releases of jslint4java whilst this blog has been down. We’re presently at 1.4.6. It’s mostly been bug fixes and JSLint upgrades. What’s really interesting has been paying attention to the integrations that people have come up with. It’s never been easier to have lint-free JavaScript! Sonar If you use the sonar […]

jslint4java 1.4

I’ve just released a new version of jslint4java, 1.4. Most useful is probably support for JUnit output, which should make jslint easy to integrate with a continuous build system like hudson or pulse. Here’s the full set of changes:  issue 35 : Removed embedded JUnit.  issue 30 : Add a "report" formatter to the ant task. Also […]

jslint4java 1.3.3

I’ve updated jslint4java again. This time, I’ve added: Support for the predef option, so you can specify a list of predefined global variables. I first said I’d do this over a year ago. 🙁 Updated to JSLint 2009-11-24, which brings a new devel option. Now you can decide if alert(), console.log(), etc are available. Unfortunately, […]

jslint4java 1.3.2

Just a quick note that I’ve released jslint4java 1.3.2. There’s not a lot of news in here. The main new feature is that I added the ability to specify an external copy of jslint.js. This is quite useful if Doug Crockford introduces new features before I release a new version of jslint4java. This release also […]

jslint.com mirror

Whilst I ensure I have the latest version of JSLint for each release of jslint4java, it’s often difficult to know what’s actually changed between versions. Unfortunately, Douglas Crockford doesn’t maintain a public version control system1 (which is entirely up to him). Nonetheless, it’s kind of useful to be able to look at a version of […]

Documenting with maven

Recently, I’ve been thinking about documentation more and more. I’ve just finished up some documentation for an internal product, which was all done using the maven-site-plugin and APT. This worked reasonably well: I get a generated website, with javadocs and a few howto pages I wrote. But it really feels like it starts to fall […]