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JavaScript on OSX

So, after my little rant a few days ago, I’ve now gotten JavaScript::JSLint up and running. But that involves downloading a lot of Perl modules, and installing SpiderMonkey, which is a none too pleasant task. However, the Mac should already have JavaScript built in—JavaScriptCore, which is part of WebKit, which is used to build Safari. […]

New Releases

I’ve just done a couple of new releases of my modules: JavaScript::JSLint 0.04, which is just renaming from Lint to JSLint to more accurately reflect where it’s come from (pointed out by Matthias Miller). subatom 0.07 which switches from the baroque XML::Atom api to the much nicer XML::Atom::SimpleFeed (thanks, Aristotle). subatom 0.08 because I am […]

JSLint Backlash

Typically enough, two days after I start on something, there’s a backlash. Dean Edwards (whom I respect highly) points out that JSLint is not a silver bullet in JSLint Considered Harmful. (aside: everybody please read ‘Considered Harmful’ Essays Considered Harmful. Thank you) The post he links to brings up a number of valid points about […]

JavaScript::Lint 0.02

I’ve just put together a new version of JavaScript::Lint. The main new thing is that you can now specify options to control how the lint works. You probably want to enable the undef option, for instance. I also fixed a problem where I was covering up errors when the lint couldn’t do anything more (e.g. […]


After whinging gratuitously about how cruddy non-browser JavaScript is, Mark Fowler kindly pointed me in the right direction to get Perl integration working: JavaScript.pm. So now I’ve wrapped up JSLint into a small command line tool (and Perl lib), JavaScript::Lint. It’s fairly simple at the moment. I plan to add support for the options in […]