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Logging in Go

Dave Cheney has an excellent post, Let’s talk about logging. In it, he dissects the current logging libraries, and what you really need. I pretty much agree with everything he says. Warnings are just more info messages. Log or handle the error — not both. Where I disagree is with the error logging. It is […]

ASL (Apple System Log)

I’ve just been debugging a problem with the pulse-agent on a mac. One of the big questions we had was: where the heck are the logs? The pulse-agent is managed by launchd. Apparently, this logs all stdout and stderr via ASL. But what’s ASL? Apparently, it’s the Apple System Log. There’s a nice summary on […]

Logging in Java

Logging has long been a pet peeve of mine. I find it intensely irritating to arrive at a tomcat installation and see a catalina.out file hundreds of megs large because some fool of a developer thought that System.out.println() was a good logging tool. I recently gave a presentation at work about logging, and this is […]

Logging in Cocoon 2.2

I’ve had to try and understand logging in Cocoon 2.2 for a project at work recently. It’s been “interesting,” so I thought I’d blog the process in case anybody else needs to o this… Normally, logging in Java is quite simple: you add log4j to your classpath, then create a log4j.properties to say what gets […]

Tomcat Logging in WTP

I’ve just been trying to enable debug logging for tomcat (don’t ask). Normally you do this by editing $CATALINA_HOME/conf/logging.properties and restarting. Except I tried that in Eclipse (using WTP) and it didn’t work. I tried copying it to the $CATALINA_BASE/conf directory instead1. Still no joy. I’ve just found the answer, after looking in the tomcat […]

Log Rotation

I hate log rotation. It’s a pain to configure on my FreeBSD server. Just look at newsyslog.conf. That, and my experiences of the utter non-portability of log rotation programs between different Unixes have led me to believe that programs should probably handle their own log rotation. It just makes life easier having one less thing […]

Log::Dispatch::Atom 0.02

The other day, I released