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London Weekend

We spent the weekend in London. A nice little break after the christmas period (which was fun, but it’s nice to get some time alone). The initial reason was that my wife’s work was treating everybody with tickets to the Queen musical on Saturday night. Frankly, I hate musicals and it was the low point […]

London Perl Workshop

Yesterday was the London Perl Workshop. Thanks to the joys of the british railway system I had to catch the 07:19 train from Brighton in order to make it in reasonable time. This included an extra half hour on the train due to “maintenance” being carried out. I was only diverted about 10 miles, you […]

London Perl Workshop

The list of talks for the London Perl Workshop is now up. There’s only one problem: two tracks, one me. I really want to see both. I’m kind of curious about bits of stuff in the advanced talk (attributes in particular, I need to know more about). But there’s stuff in the Learning Perl track […]

Web Frameworks Evening

On thursday, I attended the London Web Frameworks evening, basically because of the large london.pm contingent. There were three speakers for the evening: Matt Trout on Catalyst; Simon Willison showing off Django and Matt Biddulph exploring Rails. All this was happening in the large lecture theatre (really! That’s its name!) at the University of Westminster. […]