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Maven Irritation

I’m looking at Maven related stuff for the first time in … perhaps 4 years. This is long enough that I’ve forgotten how irritating it is. My task is simple: redirect the writes from the project’s directory to another location on local disk. This is because the project is located on a filesystem where writes […]

The importance of Central

One of the selling points of maven is it’s dependency mechanism. You say what code you need, and maven makes sure it’s there for you. The magic behind this is called central. It’s a phenomenal collection of software (much akin to Perl’s CPAN). This is useful enough that other projects have sprung up that also […]

Documenting with maven

Recently, I’ve been thinking about documentation more and more. I’ve just finished up some documentation for an internal product, which was all done using the maven-site-plugin and APT. This worked reasonably well: I get a generated website, with javadocs and a few howto pages I wrote. But it really feels like it starts to fall […]


A real maven plugin for jslint4java would be nice. I will write one, but until then, you can always get away with using the antrun plugin. This is fairly simple to do now that jslint4java is available in the central maven repository. Here’s a plugin definition of how to do it. <project> <build> <plugins> <plugin> […]

Conditional maven modules

This is a little something that’s now caught me out a few times. Quite often, I’ll have a project with a parent POM, and a module that I only care about in certain circumstances. So I naturally do this. <!– foo/pom.xml –> <project> <modules> <module>foo-core</module> <module>foo-webapp</module> </modules> <profiles> <profile> <id>dist</id> <modules> <module>foo-dist</module> </modules> </profile> </profiles> […]

Using a Java 6 based Eclipse with Cocoa

This is somewhat niche, but I’m going to post it anyway in case it helps somebody else… I recently saw a problem with Eclipse and m2eclipse. When I tried to import a Java 6 based project, I got an error in the maven console. Failure executing javac, but could not parse the error: javac: invalid […]

gnupg very basically

I’m trying to get jslint4java into central, via oss.sonatype.org. Part of this requires that you use the maven-gpg-plugin to sign your artifacts. All well & good, but I’ve never used GPG before (though I’ve been playing with SSL certificates for years). So, following along the howto, I did: $ gpg –gen-key gpg (GnuPG) 1.4.9; Copyright […]

The Maven Ecosystem

Last night I went to see Jason van Zyl of sonatype talking about various bits of the maven ecosystem, and where they’re going. The main bit for me was what’s coming up in maven 3.0. There was a great deal of talk about OSGI related issues, but it reinforced my belief that whilst there’s some […]

dependency complexity

I love the google-collections library. It’s got some really nice features. But, it’s not stable yet. They’ve explicitly stated that until they hit 1.0 it’s not going to be a stable API. So there are changes each release. Nothing major, but changes. As an example, in the jump from 0.9 to 1.0rc1, the static methods […]

Github Pages with Maven

Github recently introduced their pages feature, for serving static content. This sounds like an ideal match for a maven , so I thought I’d give it a go. I managed to get happygiraffe.github.com/tclogview/ up and running in fairly short order, but I’m not totally happy with the end result. And that’s not just the fault […]