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Hillier Gardens

Today, we drove over to Hillier Gardens with a few friends. By the time we got there it was lunch and we all managed to bring something for a picnic. Thankfully, it seemed that we’d all had BBQ the night before, so a wonderful array of char grilled vegetables and salads was on offer. We […]

Brighton Kite Festival

Yesterday we visited the Brighton Kite Festival. I took photos and put the set on flickr. But this one was definitely my favourite: That kite was probably 15m or longer. A huge snake like thing, it towered over Stanmer park and lit up the sky with its colours.


Last night we took the cats to the vets in order to get their injections sorted out. For apparently healthy cats, they sure cost a lot! In fairness, they did have two jabs (leukemia and flu) and a pill (worming) each. Surprisngly, Lucky made more noise about the jabs than Lola did. The vet said […]


I’ve just visited the new Library in town at lunchtime. It’s a brand new building and rather impressive. It’s been a long while since I’d been in a library and I got a shock—they’ve got graphic novels. I think I will have to register properly and plunder their collection. Not only the contents, but the […]


Last night, we went on a nice little walk. It was basically taking the old railway route from Hove to the Dyke. Of course, most of the walk was simply getting to the beginning of the (now disused) railway line. It was probably around 6 or 7 miles in total. The weather was incredibly foggy […]

Cat Presents

This morning was the first time that the cats saw fit to deliver us with presents. I heard a racket at 4am and found Lucky cornering a mouse in the hallway. Too tired to do anything about it, I left her and came back in the morning. Then I found not only a mouse in […]

Bewl Water

Yesterday we walked around Bewl Water. It was around 12 miles in total. We were certainly feeling our feet by the end of it. There was quite a bit of road on the walk, but that didn’t stop there from being lots of birds and other wildlife. Of course the walk was greatly assisted by […]

Walking in Snow

The chilly weather is still bringing us more snow even when it seemed like it was over. Today it’s been wet, slushy snow, but somebody still managed to make a snowman. We managed to grit the driveway instead. Anyway, it being wet and cold, we had to go for a walk. We walked to Devil’s […]

More Snow

I’m just back in from a nice long walk in the snow. Thankfully, the cold weather has stayed, painting the land around a gentle white. So we went walking in the south downs. After a day in the office it’s a real treat to get out and have some fresh air.


A light dusting of snow provided a beautiful end to the day. Watching it dance around the street from my office window was highly entertaining. Snow is something of a rarity in these southerly, coastal climes so it’s a rare treat.