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Which whitespace was that again?

We recently saw this at $WORK. It appears corrupted in Internet Explorer only. Firefox and Safari show it normally. After much exploration in the debugger, we eventually found it was caused by using the innerText property in internet explorer. This has the mildly surprising property of turning multiple spaces into U+00A0 (NO-BREAK SPACE) characters (  […]

contype is an MSIE bug

Yesterday, I was helping a colleague debug a problem involving dynamically generated PDFs. For some reason, he was occaisionally getting double requests for the same file. Eventually, we cottoned on to the fact that the second request had a user-agent of “contype”. Not having heard of that before, I googled for it. Tim Strehle is […]

Cross Browser JavaScript Still Hard

Recently, I’ve been doing a reasonable amount of playing around with prototype and scriptaculous. They’re both really great libraries that give you loads of features and take a lot of trouble out of your hands. But they certainly don’t absolve you from cross browser compatibility testing. Whilst the libraries themselves are pretty much cross browser […]