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Rescuing Data with F-Script

I have an old iMac. It’s not in a good state. I don’t care that much, it’s old slow, and not a lot of use. The only remaining thing of value is the large collection of photos I have on there. I have an external drive, so it’s easy to copy them over. All the […]

Xcode Build Settings

One thing I keep coming up against in Xcode projects is that the build settings aren’t quite right. Why is ZERO_LINK enabled when target T2 is built with configuration C4? Unfortunately, you quickly end up with a very large combination of options. Six targets and four configurations means twenty four combinations to think about. Which […]


I’m working on an OSX interface to a web service right now. Of course, one of the requirements is for a username and password. Simple — just use keychain, right? Well, it might be simple, apart from the fact that Keychain Services has a hoary old API. It’s C-based, and is like taking a step […]

The joy of apple keyboards

Recently, I’ve been using a Linux desktop for the first time in ages. It’s Ubuntu (Hardy Heron), and it looks nice. But after using a mac for three years, I’m really missing quite a few little things. The ability to drag and drop anything anywhere. Being able to type a wide range of Unicode characters […]

ASL (Apple System Log)

I’ve just been debugging a problem with the pulse-agent on a mac. One of the big questions we had was: where the heck are the logs? The pulse-agent is managed by launchd. Apparently, this logs all stdout and stderr via ASL. But what’s ASL? Apparently, it’s the Apple System Log. There’s a nice summary on […]

JavaScript.pm on OSX

Just a quick note… I was looking at RT#48699 when I noticed that MacPorts didn’t have JavaScript.pm in it’s collection. I needed to install it by hand. Unfortunately, the latest version (1.12) doesn’t install cleanly. So I’ve forked it and fixed it (along with a couple of other minor nits). Claes said he’ll apply the […]

Using a Java 6 based Eclipse with Cocoa

This is somewhat niche, but I’m going to post it anyway in case it helps somebody else… I recently saw a problem with Eclipse and m2eclipse. When I tried to import a Java 6 based project, I got an error in the maven console. Failure executing javac, but could not parse the error: javac: invalid […]

Eclipse 3.5 in Cocoa

I’m just trying out Eclipse 3.5-RC4. One of the big new features for me is that it’s now based on Cocoa instead of Carbon. There are many benefits to this, including being able to run on 64-bit Java 6. Fundamentally, it just looks and feels a little bit more mac-like. As an example, one nice […]


Like a lot of people, most of my Unix knowledge comes from an early reading of Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment. This is an excellent tome on the interfaces provided by the kernel to programs on a Unix system. Unfortunately, it’s over 15 years old now, and things have moved on. Naturally, I haven’t […]

Removing CAPS LOCK on OS X

This has been bugging me for a while, but I’ve just gotten around to doing anything about it. I hate the caps lock key. I never use it and I’m always triggering it by accident. Thankfully, it’s fairly simple to disable. First go into System Preferences and choose “Keyboard & Mouse”. Now on the “Keyboard” […]