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Expanding Outline Views in Cocoa

Thanks to a lengthy commute last week, I’ve been making a toy in Cocoa. It reads an URL, parses some XML and displays it in an NSOutlineView. Simple stuff, but it will hopefully make my life better at work, where I need to do this a fair bit. By default, when I load the XML […]


I’ve tried iTerm a few times before, and not really got on with it. I wandered past today however, and noticed that the new version has a full screen option. Yummy. So I’m giving it a trial run. It’s taken a little bit of setup to work correctly with the damned Linux boxes at work. […]

TextMate Tip

I got really caught out today. I needed to get some code samples from TextMate into Keynote. Cut’n’paste didn’t copy across the colours correctly. Kind of to be expected, since TextMate is a plain text editor, not a rich text editor. After having a quick hunt around, I found the “Create HTML from Selection” command, […]

Character Info in Textmate

One rather useful feature of vim is that you can pull up information about a character by positioning your cursor over it and hitting ga (get ASCII?). I quite miss this in textmate, so I created a small command to add to the Text bundle. This is “Character Info”, which I’ve assigned to ^⇧I. It […]

System Keychain

This morning I was trying to add a new machine to my wireless network. Unfortunately, I’d forgotten the password… To the Keychain Access batcave! Unfortunately, the “Airport network password” is stored in the system keychain, instead of my login keychain. Whilst I can unlock the system keychain, when I ask it to show me the […]

Keynote Hates Subversion

I’m annoyed. I’ve just coughed up for a full version of keynote. All the other options for doing presentations on the mac are either unusable or too expensive. I used the pre-installed demo a bit, and I quite like it now. But when I installed the purchased copy, I upgraded to Keynote 3.0.1. And it […]

Spellchecking POD with TextMate

Trelane was asking on irc today about how to get TextMate to spell check POD. It doesn’t by default, which is annoying as it’s clever enough to check the spelling of strings. The answer is fairly simple. Go into the Bundle Editor (^⌥⌘B) and open up the Perl category. Near the bottom you’ll see a […]

JavaScript on OSX

So, after my little rant a few days ago, I’ve now gotten JavaScript::JSLint up and running. But that involves downloading a lot of Perl modules, and installing SpiderMonkey, which is a none too pleasant task. However, the Mac should already have JavaScript built in—JavaScriptCore, which is part of WebKit, which is used to build Safari. […]


If you’ve more than one computer at your desk, and one of them is a Mac, you need osx2x. It lets you use all the other computers via VNC or X-Windows connections, using only the one mouse and keyboard. Shiny. Sadly, the download link on the main site is broken. This is a bit of […]

Terminal, zsh & [Process Completed]

This is mostly a “me too!” post, but it’s been bugging me. Every other time I open a new Terminal window (under OS X Tiger, anyway), I get a [Process Completed] message instead of my shell. According to other people, this happens more if you use zsh, and especially if you close the window using […]