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Cat & Mouse

Our little darlings brought in a mouse last night. Just when I wanted to go to bed. Of course, at the first sign of us, they drop the little beggar and flee the scene of the crime. The poor little mouse is still alive and cowering by the skirting board. After much thought, I decide […]


I hate printers. Always have done, probably always will do. Early on in my career, I witnessed a serveral hundred Kg printer crush a mans foot. I am convinced that the printer did this deliberately. Today’s little task was to print a photo. Nothing too difficult about that you might think. But despite trying several […]


Last weekend we had all the jabs for the honeymoon. It’s only today that my arm is starting to feel normal. Ow. Ow.

Room Allocation

More wedding planning this evening. I now have a new hatred of smokers—they are “special cases” because only certain rooms in the hotel have easy access to somewhere you can actually smoke. Even with that aside it’s incredibly difficult deciding where to put everybody. We’ve just spent an hour and a half sorting this mess […]