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Class::DBI transactions

This is something I did at work just before Christmas, which is kind of useful. Some years ago, I came up with the original method do_transaction() for Class::DBI. However, it’s kind of clunky to use, as the example shows. Music::DBI->do_transaction( sub { my $artist = Music::Artist->insert({ name => ‘Pink Floyd’ }); my $cd = $artist->add_to_cds({ […]

London Perl Workshop

Yesterday was the London Perl Workshop. Thanks to the joys of the british railway system I had to catch the 07:19 train from Brighton in order to make it in reasonable time. This included an extra half hour on the train due to “maintenance” being carried out. I was only diverted about 10 miles, you […]

London Perl Workshop

The list of talks for the London Perl Workshop is now up. There’s only one problem: two tracks, one me. I really want to see both. I’m kind of curious about bits of stuff in the advanced talk (attributes in particular, I need to know more about). But there’s stuff in the Learning Perl track […]

Log::Dispatch::Atom 0.02

The other day, I released

Recalcitrant CGI problems

One of the most useful tools in my box of diagnstics is strace (aka ktrace on FreeBSD or truss on Solaris). Right now, I’ve got a Perl CGI script that’s failing and I don’t know why. It would be useful to see what it’s doing in terms of system calls that’s making it fail. Unfortunately, […]

XML::Filter::Normalize 0.1

A couple of days ago, I released

new XML::Genx

XML::Genx 0.19 is now out. Changes include: Allow namespace objects to be passed in to StartElementLiteral() and AddAttributeLiteral(). This makes it much easier to put things into the default namespace. Add a missing “static” declaration to some XS helper functions. Allow multiple different default namespaces inside XML::Genx::SAXWriter. Previously you would get a “Duplicate Prefix” error. […]


Aristotle Pagaltzis has mentioned XML::Genx. Yay, it needs all the publicity that it can get. He highlighted some issues in XML::Genx::SAXWriter, which I need to address, although getting some consensus from the list first would be good. He also mentions a problem with default namespaces a little further on. I’ll have to look into that […]


Recently, in yet another fit of distraction from my existing projects, I’ve started working on jenx. It’s an XML writer for Java along similiar lines to GenX. At the moment, I’m just at the stage of banning invalid characters that go through it. So it’s extremely fortuitous that I’ve just seen a link to HOWTO […]

subatom 0.05

I’ve just released a new version of subatom, that now gets linking correct if you have viewcvs or similiar installed. Unfortunately, I’ve now realised that the amount of command line arguments are such that I’m going to have to start adding a configuration file to it. My crontab lines are looking a bit unwieldy. Nonetheless, […]