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Log Rotation

I hate log rotation. It’s a pain to configure on my FreeBSD server. Just look at newsyslog.conf. That, and my experiences of the utter non-portability of log rotation programs between different Unixes have led me to believe that programs should probably handle their own log rotation. It just makes life easier having one less thing […]

ruby postgres gem issues

I’m trying to install PostgreSQL support into Rails. This should be fairly simple. Unfortunately, there are a couple of “oopsies” along the way. First up, there are several gems to pick along the way: postgres postgres-pr ruby-postgres If you’ve a compiler installed, you want ruby-postgres. It’s a fork of the postgres gem, which knows how […]

Singleton Rows in PostgreSQL

A common technique in Unix is the lock file. This is often followed up by having the script that creates the lock file run a command and automatically remove it afterwards. It’s a convenient way of enforcing serialisation. Unfortunately, I’ve got a number of jobs to serialise across two different machines. They’re all database related […]

MySQL vs PostgreSQL

At work, we’ve just started converting one of our projects to use MySQL instead of the present PostgreSQL. Due to client orders, you understand. Unfortunately, after using PostgreSQL, coming up against MySQL reveals how bizarre, baroque and arbitrary it is. CREATE TABLE automatically creates a transaction. So much for that schema loading script undoing its […]

Typo Times Fix

After a bit of searching, I’ve found the problems with the odd times on this weblog. It’s a problem with ActiveRecord (part of Rails) and in particular, PostgreSQLAdaptor. Basically, it computes a default value once, inside Ruby, and then caches it. Which is a bit odd, to say the least. There are a number of […]

Rails Migrations

Recently, I’ve been playing around with Rails and one of the things that has really impressed me is the support for migrations. If you haven’t come across them before, it’s a well defined way of doing agile development with your databases. Your database contains a table schema_info with a column version. And then you define […]

Server Move

Well, after a couple of very long and frustrating evenings, I’ve finally managed to replicate the setup of my old, decrepit server onto a shiny new (and hopefully more reliable) dell box. I thought that this would be easy, as I was under the impression that I had everything under version control. But it’s only […]

SQL Domains

I’ve not come across SQL domains before. But this blog post, “Or you could use a domain,” nicely shows how you can use them in a database to encapsulate a data type. It seems a bit like using typedef in C—you can’t create new types, but you can create similiar ones based on preexisting ones. […]

Bloody Software

Over Christmas, my server has mostly been turned off. This is because it’s in one of the guest bedrooms and my mother who was staying in there didn’t appreciate the noise. On the day after boxing day, we travelled up to the in-law’s for a few days. And so I switched the server on and […]

Blogging Software

It started innocently enough, but as usual turned into yak shaving rather quickly. I wanted to try out some graphical editors for posting to my blog. Sounds simple enough. Except that a while back, I chose wordpress-pg. Its a version of wordpress, but it talks to PostgreSQL instead. Except that for some reason, my copy […]