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SiteBar looks useful. And it has a firefox extension… But their server software needs MySQL. I like PostgreSQL. Bah. That sounds like work. Thankfully, their database abstraction looks reasonably clean. Oh well, here we go. Update: no, the mysqlisms are too deeply embedded. Or at least, I don’t know how to sensibly deal with assumptions […]

X debug trick

A useful tip I found in work today for debugging deeply embedded stuff. I was in the middle of some Perl tests talking to a PostgreSQL database. The database was created at the start of the test, and dropped at the end of the test, so there was no oppurtunity to see inside it whilst […]

PostgreSQL Upgrade

I’ve just upgraded to PostgreSQL 8.0, which as expected, didn’t go entirely smoothly. The config file format has changed a bit, although ediff soon took care of that. The dump-and-restore rigmarole is still there, but then that’s what nightly backups are for. The main trouble was that I had been playing with SSL certificates some […]