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REST Web Services in Java

I’ve been taking a look at jersey today. It’s an implementation of JSR 311, which is a proposed spec for implementing REST-like web services in Java. I started with the tutorial, which is quite frankly pretty bloody simple. @Path("/helloworld") public class HelloWorldResource { @GET @Produces("text/plain") public String getClichedMessage() { return "Hello World"; } } @Path("/helloworld") […]


Matt Biddulph has just had an article published on xml.com, REST on rails. It’s a really great way of working, and I encourage closer scrutiny. And it shows off Rails at its best. I really look forward to playing with Rails more. I would like to implement PUT for that rest_resource method as well… It […]

Broken web sites still broken

The Google Web Accelerator has just been brought back, apparently. I don’t care much, except to note that it’s caused the rails people to go, well, off the rails. Again. I don’t really have much to add to the discussion, except to point at Aristotle’s choice extracts. In a sense this is all quite amusing, […]

Why we need REST

There’s a neat new toy from google—the Google Web Accelerator (GWA). It uses Googles cache to serve up web pages quickly, but it also apparently does link prefetching. This is good for the most part, as it speeds things up a lot. The difference between GWA and Mozilla is that GWA pre-fetches every single link […]

Ruby on Rails and REST

I’ve spent a little while over the last few days looking at Ruby on Rails. It seems to live up to the claims of its proponents. You can develop applications very quickly indeed, and it’s easy to get a good separation of concerns. If you haven’t played with it before, have a look at the […]