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Book review: Solr 1.4 Enterprise Search Server

I was recently offered a review copy of Solr 1.4 Enterprise Search Server (thanks to Swati Iyer). Whilst this is most fortuitous, I only wish I’d had this a month or two ago, when I was working fairly heavily on a Solr based project at $OLDWORK. Still, I’ll be able to judge whether or not […]

Search & Replace in XSLT 2

For a project at $WORK, we want to implement Solr’s spelling suggestions. When you ask solr to provide suggestions, it comes back with something like this (the original search was spinish englosh): <response> … <lst name="spellcheck"> <lst name="suggestions"> <lst name="spinish"> <int name="numFound">1</int> <int name="startOffset">19</int> <int name="endOffset">26</int> <arr name="suggestion"> <str>spanish</str> </arr> </lst> <lst name="englosh"> <int name="numFound">1</int> […]

Solr's Lucene Source

I’m debugging a plugin for Solr. I’ve just about got the magic voodoo set up so that I can make Eclipse talk to tomcat and stick breakpoints in and so on. But I’ve immediately run into a problem. Even though Solr itself comes with -sources jars, the bundled copy of lucene that they’ve used doesn’t. […]

Character Encodings Bite Again

A colleague gave me a nudge today. “This page doesn’t validate because of an encoding error”. It was fairly simple: the string “Jiménez” contained a single byte—Latin1. Ooops. It turned out that we were generating the page as ISO-8859-1 instead of UTF-8 (which is what the page had been declared as in the HTML). So, […]