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I’ve been using postgrey for a while now in order to cut down on my spam. However, a few days ago, I realised that I hadn’t also killed my backup MX. So the greylisting, whilst helping, wasn’t being as effective as it could. A few days ago, I decided to get rid of the backup […]

Comment Spam

Finally the spammers have found me. I’ve got about 30 comment spams in my moderation queue this morning. Good job I enabled the moderation in the first place… Anyway, to help with sorting it all out, I wrote a delete comment spam bookmarklet. If you run it on the wordpress comment moderation page, then you […]

HP "Extended Capabilities"

I’ve just installed some printer drivers for an HP Officejet at work. Half way through, the installer popped up a question: Do you want to install HP Extended Capabilities? Well, I have no idea what they are, so I clicked on “More information”. This is what it said: This software can help you get additional […]


I use bogofilter for spam filtering. However, I’m getting quite unhappy with it. It has a nasty tendency to corrupt it’s db files resulting in messages like this: bogofilter[9794]: error: the data base file size is only 16 pages bogofilter[9794]: below the resource limit. Cowardly refusing bogofilter[9794]: to continue to avoid data base corruption. procmail: […]