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Sometimes, it’s useful to see what subversion’s actually doing when talking to a server. There’s a neon-debug-mask option in ~/.subversion/servers. But what values can it take? They’re not documented in the subversion manual. As always, the source is informative. /* Debugging masks. */ #define NE_DBG_SOCKET (1<<0) /* raw socket */ #define NE_DBG_HTTP (1<<1) /* HTTP […]

Commit Messages

I’ve been using git for most of this year. It’s been a really excellent ride, and the things it enables are wonderful. But one of the things I’ve found most handy is a convention. The commit message is treated like an email: one line of subject and then a few paragraphs of explanation. Keep the […]

The best subversion client

The best subversion client I’ve used to date? git. It’s so script-friendly! This morning somebody asked me for a complete history of a project in CSV format. Using my nicely cloned repository, it was a simple matter of giving the correct format to git log. ⇒ git log –pretty=’format:%h,%ai,%an,%s’ | head -5 f584913,2008-09-26 21:58:02 +0000,Dominic […]

Managing 3rd Party Code

I’m in a pickle. There’s a project at $WORK that I should have been paying closer attention to (but haven’t). We’ve taken some 3rd party software (guanxi as it happens), and made some modifications in order to form our own custom distribution. But: We started modifying what was then the trunk. The trunk has moved […]

git branches with subversion

I like using git, particularly in combination with git svn. It makes it really easy to work with version control offline. But there’s a problem: branches. Now git is really good at using branches. Unfortunately, git svn can’t cope very well with pushing one of git’s merges back into subversion. It gets really confused. Trust […]

Google Code Hosting – svn import

I’ve just started a new project on Google Code Hosting (of which more later). I’ve been developing it in a local svn repository, and I’d like to transfer it up to the google svn server. This isn’t easy. Google help has How do I import an existing Subversion repository?, but that’s only half the answer. […]

Subverting Word Processors

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want to store my documents in subversion. But what to do? Word processors all seem to produce ugly binary documents. Even though OpenOffice.org’s odt files are basically just zip files, it’s still putting zipfiles into your subversion repository. Why is this a problem? Because you can’t see what’s changed. […]


I’ve just found the svnmerge tool. It’s a real boon if you have to work with branches in subversion. It’s still not quite as simple to use as svk but it’s still better than doing things by hand…

New Releases

I’ve just done a couple of new releases of my modules: JavaScript::JSLint 0.04, which is just renaming from Lint to JSLint to more accurately reflect where it’s come from (pointed out by Matthias Miller). subatom 0.07 which switches from the baroque XML::Atom api to the much nicer XML::Atom::SimpleFeed (thanks, Aristotle). subatom 0.08 because I am […]

Typo Upgrade

I’ve finally bit the bullet and upgraded Typo to the trunk, so I can get everything up to Rails 1.1. Unfortunately, this was quite a painful process… Normally, I track bits of software I might want to hack on in a vendor branch in subversion, and use svn_load_dirs.pl to update to new releases. This works […]