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My Sysadmin Toolbox

After seeing lots of these at Linux.com recently, I thought I’d try to come up with my own list. I used to be a sysadmin (I’m now a programmer), and I’ve long felt that you really a good set of tools (and to know how to use them) in order to be most productive. zsh […]

subversion diff

Normally, subversion uses a builtin diff command to show you your changes. This works pretty well most of the time, except that you can’t use it to disable whitespace-only changes. How to do this isn’t spelled out 100% clearly in the FAQ, so here’s what I found out: Make a shell script ~/bin/svn_diff. It should […]

subatom 0.05

I’ve just released a new version of subatom, that now gets linking correct if you have viewcvs or similiar installed. Unfortunately, I’ve now realised that the amount of command line arguments are such that I’m going to have to start adding a configuration file to it. My crontab lines are looking a bit unwieldy. Nonetheless, […]

Subversion Charset

I’ve just noticed in the pugs::hack document a useful tip for informing subversion about the charset of a file. svn propset svn:mime-type “text/plain; charset=UTF-8″ myfile A quick browse through the subversion list archives shows that it appears to be “not forbidden” even if not 100% officially sanctioned. It’ll certainly work for its intended purpose of […]


As noted in my talk earlier, SVK is a really handy tool for building remote operation on top of subversion. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need too. I’ve just tried it and been absolutely blown away by its mirroring abilities. I committed a change on a local copy of a mirror of XML-Genx. […]

Subversion for CVS Users

Today I gave a little presentation on Subversion for CVS Users at work. We’re switching to subversion for new projects rather than having a “big bang” repository conversion approach. The slides were done using DOMSlides, which seem to work rather well. It’s quite minimalist, unlike S5, which I always find to be terribly slow for […]


I released subatom last night. It’s a small tool to generate an Atom feed from subversion commit messages. It’s pretty simple right now, but now that the basics are there, I can improve on it. Why not RSS? Well, basically I spotted XML::Atom first and it was dead easy to use. And Atom just happens […]


I tried running subclipse a little while ago when I first started looking at Eclipse. I couldn’t make it work. It would just hang on commit. However, this morning, I ran the automatic update in Eclipse and noticed that a new version of subclipse was available (0.9.27). I upgraded, and tried it out. And it […]

subversion crash, redux

After much fiddling, upgrading, dumping, restoring, I’ve realised that I don’t have a clue what the problem in subversion is. What’s really irritating is that when I compile it with debugging, the problem goes away. So, I’ve accepted that as a solution for a moment, disconcerting as it may be. At least I’ll be able […]

subversion crash

Normally I run subversion under apache as I like being able to get at my stuff from anywhere. But recently, some upgrade has broken. I’ve now started seeing broken checkouts. This is most disconcerting. For now, I’ve switched to accessing it over the filesystem which seems to work ok. But an update on that mailing […]