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I had a quick thought this morning: I’m always logging in to servers to nose around in their logs. So why not a quick webapp to view the logs? I’ve done this before, but not in Java. So, I wrote tclogview in between stuffing down goose and entertaining the sprog. To use it, check it […]

Tomcat Logging in WTP

I’ve just been trying to enable debug logging for tomcat (don’t ask). Normally you do this by editing $CATALINA_HOME/conf/logging.properties and restarting. Except I tried that in Eclipse (using WTP) and it didn’t work. I tried copying it to the $CATALINA_BASE/conf directory instead1. Still no joy. I’ve just found the answer, after looking in the tomcat […]

Character Encodings Bite Again

A colleague gave me a nudge today. “This page doesn’t validate because of an encoding error”. It was fairly simple: the string “JimĂ©nez” contained a single byte—Latin1. Ooops. It turned out that we were generating the page as ISO-8859-1 instead of UTF-8 (which is what the page had been declared as in the HTML). So, […]