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Server Move

Well, after a couple of very long and frustrating evenings, I’ve finally managed to replicate the setup of my old, decrepit server onto a shiny new (and hopefully more reliable) dell box. I thought that this would be easy, as I was under the impression that I had everything under version control. But it’s only when you start on an endeavour like this that you realise just how much tweaking you have done to a box. Some particular highlights of this move:

  • I had been installing my squid.conf to the wrong place for about 2 years.
  • I discovered I’d been running clamscan (command line) instead of calling clamd (daemon) for a year. Slow mail ‘r’ us.
  • I discovered that my PostgreSQL backups had not been running for over a year.
  • I noticed that my trac installation had been wikispammed a few days ago (I didn’t notice when it happened). Trac needs a “revert to previous version” button.
  • Rails has caused me the most grief, surprisingly. getting typo up and running has been a pain. Firstly, because I didn’t have FastCGI installed. But I didn’t get an error for some reason. But whe I did install it, all I got was “FastCGI: incomplete headers (35 bytes) received from server”. I have now learned that this means “something went wrong but I’m not going to tell you what is. In my case, it was needing to install the ruby-postgres drivers. But rails isn’t kind enough to tell you that it can’t load the db drivers you’ve requested, instead it just silently fails. Which is a bit of a nuisance. I’ll have to check the trunk to see if it’s been fixed…

Anyway, now I can finally get on with the other more important tasks that I have to do. I gave up being a sysadmin 5 years ago for a damned good reason.

Projects / TODO

I’ve just been fleshing out all My Projects and my TODO list. They are both discouragingly long. My projects have been left to rot in too many cases and my TODO list is continuously filling up with new ideas. Maybe one day I’ll try to find the right balance. At least having them all down in one place will help.

trac now available

I’ve just finished setting up trac for my subversion repository. trac is a very cool wiki / bug tracker / subversion repository browser from the nice people at edgewall.com. It’s also nice and easy to install from the FreeBSD ports collection: www/trac. It doesn’t work 100% right for me, because I have multiple projects in my repository. But for my limited personal use, it should be fine.