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Unicode in Rails

I’m really happy to see that Thijs has just pointed out that the unicode_hacks plugin is undergoing further development: We’re almost ready with a new version of Julik’s ‘Unicode Hacks’ that’s now called ‘ActiveSupport::Multibyte’. You can find more information and code on the ‘Multibyte for Rails’ project site. I’m particularly pleased to see that: “We […]

Unicode for Rails

I finally gave my talk this afternoon. I rushed through things in 40 minutes; I was planning on 45, but I started a little late due to microphone difficulties. The talk seemed to go down well; a few people came up to ask questions afterwards. My official hecklers, Tom and Paul were noticeably silent. They […]

Character Info in Textmate

One rather useful feature of vim is that you can pull up information about a character by positioning your cursor over it and hitting ga (get ASCII?). I quite miss this in textmate, so I created a small command to add to the Text bundle. This is “Character Info”, which I’ve assigned to ^⇧I. It […]

Unicode Depresses Me

Perl is meant to have reasonable Unicode support. So why do I still have to write this at the top of a test? use utf8; use Test::More ‘no_plan’; { my $Test = Test::Builder->new; binmode( $Test->output, “:utf8” ); binmode( $Test->failure_output, “:utf8” ); binmode( $Test->todo_output, “:utf8” ); } I would have thought that adding the -CS flag […]

Unicode for Rails — accepted

I had a little note today to say that my talk on “Unicode for Rails” has been accepted for RailsConf Europe 2006. Yay! Now I have to write the thing. This is going to be interesting. I have only a few weeks to go, and most of those weekends are already taken…

Character Encodings

There have been a few links around to an article about AJAX and Multibyte Character Support today. He highlights how he fixed a problem by ensuring that he sent the correct HTTP headers for the character encoding he was using. After stabbing being thoroughly mislead by Internet Explorer. Now the correct character-encoding ended up being […]

XSLT Character Creation

I’ve just spent most of the afternoon on a character building exercise. I have some XML like this: <symbol unicode=”2103″/> And I need to turn that into the numeric character reference &#x2013;. It’s perfectly possible to do so with a bit of fudging around with <xsl:text disable-output-escaping=”yes”/>. But there’s a slight caveat: You’re not creating […]

Java Unicode Characters

Working on jenx, I’ve started looking at Characters. In particular, Astral characters. My first question was “how do I create one in a string literal?” Well I still don’t know. But my researches have shown that to do anything outside the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) requires JDK 5. Drat. That kind of limits the usefulness […]