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Xcode Build Settings

One thing I keep coming up against in Xcode projects is that the build settings aren’t quite right. Why is ZERO_LINK enabled when target T2 is built with configuration C4? Unfortunately, you quickly end up with a very large combination of options. Six targets and four configurations means twenty four combinations to think about. Which […]

Run Script Phase

Some things I’ve discovered in the past few days about Run Script phases in Xcode… Name them after what they do. It’s no use looking at three identical phases, all of which say “Run Script”. It’s a good idea to always stick a set -x at the top. It’s only build output, so being verbose […]

Embedding Cocoa Frameworks

I’m (re)learning Cocoa at the moment. I’m working my way through the wonderful Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X. But for my first solo project, I found myself needing to XML-RPC. I took one look at Web Services Core Programming Guide and barfed. After a quick hunt, I found Eric Czarny’s lovely XMLRPC project for […]