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Recently, in yet another fit of distraction from my existing projects, I’ve started working on jenx. It’s an XML writer for Java along similiar lines to GenX. At the moment, I’m just at the stage of banning invalid characters that go through it. So it’s extremely fortuitous that I’ve just seen a link to HOWTO […]

XML::LibXML Oddity

This afternoon at work, I came across something most odd with XML::LibXML: When you call removeChild() on an element, it loses its namespace declarations. For example, if I have this XML: <foo> <bar:bar xmlns:bar=”http://example.com/” /> </foo> Then, I call removeChild() on the <bar:bar> element, immediately followed by $node-&gt;toString(). And this is what I get back: […]


I’ve just finished reading Practical RDF for work. My conclusions: RDF/XML makes my brain hurt. RDF still seems a way off being “practical.” I’m with Tim Bray on this one. Some of the frameworks for RDF still look pretty cool. I had a quick play with the Python rdflib and was quite surprised at how […]


As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been updating XML::Schematron. It’s been a few years since the last release and it doesn’t support Schematron 1.5, let alone ISO Schematron. So, I started hacking on it. Initially, it was to add support for XML::SAX, as a modern XML parsing system, instead of the old PerlSAX (which didn’t really […]

XML Schema

I’m looking heavily at schematron at the moment for work. It’s a fascinating tool, in contrast to the usual style of XML validation: DTD, RelaxNG and XML Schema. Generally, from what I’ve seen of XML Schema, they are to be avoided. But then I saw these messages from Rick Jellife indicating how even the vendors […]